C200 Cleaning Unit


DeLaval cleaning unit C200 has easy-to-use touch-button controls. LED confirmation of successful operation.

DeLaval cleaning unit C200 can be customised to the exact requirements of your milking system, thus saving water and detergents - protecting the environment and your profit.

Easy installation:

DeLaval cleaning unit C200 comes as a stand-alone unit or with integrated 40, 80 or 160 litre wash troughs – for simple installation.

The C200 is available in a range of capacities for pipeline and parlour milking installations.

Optional enhancement features:

  • Trombone super wash optimizes slug flow in large plants and large bore milk lines.
  • Milking/cleaning interlock prevents accidental mixing of cleaning solution and milk.
  • Automatic drainage system is convenient and saves time.
  • Double drain valve kit makes it possible to re-use water for other purposes, like cleaning the parlour. It also reduces the need for waste water storage.
  • DeLaval electrical installation boxes give neat and safe installation
DeLaval PDF: