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DeLaval pulsator EP100

Core benefits

  • 90 to 180 ppm rate
  • For all types of parlours

DeLaval pulsator EP100 is the most sold electronic pulsator in the world. It works with the DMP master pulsator and offers precise individual pulsation for optimum animal comfort with maximum milking efficiency. A vacuum operated diaphragm means minimal wear while well proven technology offers resistance to temperature, humidity and dirt. It can be used with air filtration in dusty environments.


Duovac® is is equipped with flow controlled milking, so that the milking vacuum adapts itself to the real milk flow. This feature reduces the stress on the teat. Duovac® helps avoid over-milking and simplifies your milking routine.

Duovac® provides peace of mind for the farmer and safety for the cow. It provides gentle pre-milking stimulation, which is a reduced vacuum and a pulse, making sure the cow is ready before full milking vacuum is applied.


DeLaval introduced the Harmony™ cluster in the early 1990’s. Today the name is synonymous with rapid milk flow, gentle treatment of the cow and easy handling. The light shells and high quality materials give an ideal weight without sacrificing cluster durability. Weighing one kilogram less than conventional clusters, Harmony™ lowers the risk of liner slip and cluster fall-off. The Harmony™ cluster features the unique TF (Top-Flow) technology that enables stable vacuum even during extreme milk flows.

Harmony Plus™

Harmony Plus™ offers many advantages to help make milking easier. The asymmetric claw design perfectly matches the natural shape of the udder, which results in fewer slips and fall-offs. Due to the patented TF (Top-Flow) technology claw, the Harmony Plus™ cluster has the capacity to handle the highest producing cows.

Harmony Plus™ also offers the perfect match to the milker via low weight plastic shells, a balanced design and moulded hand grips. This lightweight cluster is ideal for producers milking high yielding cows less than 12 hours per day.