DeLaval introduced the Harmony™ cluster in the early 1990’s. Today the name is synonymous with rapid milk flow, gentle treatment of the cow and easy handling. The light shells and high quality materials give an ideal weight without sacrificing cluster durability. Weighing one kilogram less than conventional clusters, Harmony™ lowers the risk of liner slip and cluster fall-off. The Harmony™ cluster features the unique TF (Top-Flow) technology that enables stable vacuum even during extreme milk flows. Harmony™ will optimally meet the needs of highest producing herds milked less than 12 hours per day.

Core benefits

  • < 15 l/min flow capacity
  • 350 ml claw size
  • 16 or 19 mm inner Ø, outlet
  • 2,1 kg weight

Features and advantages

This cluster offers comfort to the cow and milker. Harmony™ incorporates lightweight shells with a patented TF (Top-Flow) technology claw. Harmony™ features will optimally meet the needs of the highest producing cows or producers milking less than twelve hours a day.

Fast flow capacity

The Harmony™ uses a 360 ml claw to cope with high milk flows up to 15 litres per minute. This efficient cluster eliminates the risk of flooding during peak milk flow, providing stable vacuum throughout the milking. The liners attach directly to the claw using nipple-less design, so that there is nothing to restrict milk flow. The unique liner design and short milk tube connection combine to provide gentle and safe milk flow in to the claw.

Design innovation

Patented TF (Top-Flow) technology offers quick and gentle milk flow away from the claw. A specially designed center pipe increases milk flow capacity.

Safe to use

Harmony™ liners smoothly handle high milk-flows with a large diameter free-flow design that helps to eliminate plugs and cross-flows. The claw’s top-unloading technology and large volume capacity promote high vacuum stability, particularly at the teat end. This protects against unwanted teat washing and cross-flows. The Harmony™ cluster is fitted with a fast action shut-off-valve that closes immediately if kicked off, to shut out dirt and air.

Milker and cow comfort

It places minimal stress on the milker’s body and the cow’s udder. Ergonomic studies using the Harmony™ have demonstrated that your workload can be reduced by up to 50 per cent during milking. It offers efficient attachment and take-off. It can be combined with different liners to provide maximum milking performance.

Technical data

  • Short milk tube Ø: 12,5mm
  • Outlet ID: 16mm
  • Claw volume: 360ml
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