Harmony Plus™

Harmony Plus™ offers many advantages to help make milking easier. The asymmetric claw design perfectly matches the natural shape of the udder, which results in fewer slips and fall-offs. Due to the patented TF (Top-Flow) technology claw, the Harmony Plus™ cluster has the capacity to handle the highest producing cows.

Harmony Plus™ also offers the perfect match to the milker via low weight plastic shells, a balanced design and moulded hand grips. This lightweight cluster is ideal for producers milking high yielding cows less than 12 hours per day.

Core benefits

  • Lightweight 1.7kg
  • < 15 l/min flow capacity
  • 450 ml claw size
  • 16 mm inner Ø, outlet
  • Top-flow

Features and advantages

The perfect match for milkers and cows
Harmony Plus™ claw design matches the udders of most bred cows. It includes a wide range of features designed to provide optimal milk production with cow and milker comfort in the years to come. This light weight cluster prioritises the highest producing cows or producers milking less than twelve hours a day.

Fast-flow capacity
Harmony Plus™ utilizes a patented 450 ml TF (Top-Flow) technology claw to provide stable vacuum under high milk flows and eliminate the risk of flooding. The asymmetric claw combines with DeLaval nipple-less liners to offer quick and gentle milk delivery, resulting in improved production efficiency.

Design innovations
Most cows have their front teats located wider apart and higher up than their rear teats. Harmony Plus™ takes account of this difference.

Its unique design matches the natural shape of the udder, helping ensure optimal teat placement and reducing liner slips and fall-offs. 

Milker and cow comfort
The light weight, the moulded grips, the low profile and the balance makes attaching and detaching the cluster a simple, natural movement for the milker. Modern materials also make milking more comfortable for the cow. Harmony Plus™ is lightweight which reduces the load on the teats and improves udder health.

Technical data

Weight: 1,7kg
Short milk tube Ø: 12,5mm
Outlet ID: 16mm
Claw volume: 450ml

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