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DVP Vacuum Pump

This direct-drive vane vacuum pump has no belt. It is reliable, efficient, and safe, with no exposed moving parts, and none of the worries of belt-driven pumps. Operation is more precise and tolerances are reduced, for constant vacuum and smoother running which uses less oil. The silencer/oil reclaimer collects up to 95% of oil for careful disposal and reduces air borne oil particles.

LVP Vacuum Pump

The robust dependable DeLaval LVP is designed for dairy farmers demanding the utmost in performance. With a capacity range of 3000 to 6000 l/min and minimum maintenance requirements, this pump delivers true heavy duty vacuum supply. Built on lobe pump technology, the DeLaval LVP range helps protect the environment because no oil is needed for sealing or lubrication.

Milk Receiver SR

Core benefits

  • Delivered pre-tested and assembled
  • Designed to suit all parlours
  • Can be corner or wall mounted

Delivered pre-tested and assembled. The SR range is designed to suit all parlours – including different models for rotary, low-line, plus MidiLine™. Can be corner or wall mounted to suit your parlour layout. SR receivers are available in your choice of capacity from 50 to 100 litres.

DeLaval milk receivers are designed to maintain optimum hygiene and are all automatically cleaned via the milkline.